Crushed rock candy/ crystal sugar (1000g) – Multiple color


Are your currently preparing for a birthday a party? And do you need a unique sweetener for your cake? Then check out our special crystal sugar! Made from 100% cane sugar, the manufactory’s sugar specialties are used to sweeten teas, coffees, cold and hot drinks, and are a popular accessory for confectioners.

* The exact name of the colored product is crushed crystal.

Why is this sugar so outstanding?
It is made with a unique processing technique in our manufactory. These handicraft products are really high quality thanks to the manufactory process. Crushed rock candy is an extremely popular confectionery accessory as it is used to decorate plenty of cakes, pies and ice cream cups. In a matter of moments, you can make a simple cake or a creamy candy unique with it. It can also be a unique decoration for cocktails, punches, hot and cold drinks. The sweet specialty can only be limited by your imagination.

The crushed rock candy crystal is not just a sweetener. Crushed rock candy is the addition that makes every drink special and pours a soul into the cake!



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Material composition of the product per 1 kg:

  • Sucrose: minimum brown – 962 g, white – 997 g. Brown:
  • Used in the finished product in an amount of less than 2%:

o (E150a) Caramel: maximum: 1g

o (according to the provision of Part 1 of Annex 1-2-94 / 36

  • For brown rock candy, the color of the crystallized sugar is filled exclusively with natural caramel

Other exclusively natural food colors:

E150a, E120, E131, E163, E100, E160a, E141, Spirulina blue


The product does not contain allergenic ingredients!

Average nutritional value in 100 g of product

White and colorful products/100 g/3,5 g
Calorie399 Kcal/1686 kJ14 Kcal/59kJ
Carbohydrate99,7 g3,49
 – of which sugars99,7 g3,49
 – of which saturated fatty acids


Brown products/100 g/3,5 g
Calorie397 Kcal/1686 kJ14 Kcal/59kJ
Carbohydrate96,2 g3,37
 – of which sugars96,2 g3,37
 – of which saturated fatty acids

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