White-brown Rock Candy Stick 10 pcs / pack – Short edition



Everyone loves candy sticks! And mother’s day and graduation days are coming! So the perfect present could be our elegant form of cane sugar! Made from 100% cane sugar, made by manufactory process, a specialty for sweetening teas, coffees, cold and hot drinks.

Rock candy is made by manufactory process using a unique, special technique. These handicraft products are really high quality thanks to the manufactory process.

Glycemic Index of one piece of long white rock candy: 68


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Everything you need to know about the product:


The short stick’s lenght is 9 cm, the diameter is 0,25-0,30 cm wide. The length of the mace-shaped crystallized sugar portion is  2-3 cm. The total length of the stick, including the sugar part, is 9-10 cm.

Longer sticks should be used in larger glasses. In addition to cocktails, it can be an excellent addition to lemonades or even handcrafted syrups, but even when placed next to a frothy latte, it is a particularly elegant and fun addition. And the short crystal sticks can make a delicious tea specialty or a cup of cappuccino even better. In addition to the welcome drinks, the candy cane is a must. You can surprise yourself or even your loved ones with it, as not only does it taste special, but also its packaging! If you want to give a delicious robioos tea or a special coffee as a gift, there is no question that you need some crystal sticks as well, which literally sweetens the moment! You don’t have to worry about it getting spoiled as it retains its quality indefinitely.



The rock candy can be used in many ways to sweeten and decorate food and beverages. While white is the color of purity, radiance, beauty and elegance, the color of feminine purity, brown gives us a sense of elegance. It is no coincidence that decorators and designers often use it for its calming, harmonizing effect. While having for coffee, we are looking for just that feeling! The brown and white candy cane is therefore a perfect combination, as it is an experience of elegance and serenity while having coffee or tea.


We especially recommend it for cocktails, coffee and tea specialties, and colorful lemonades, even as a decorative element. For sure, it raises the standard of hospitality and the value of the guest experience by orders of magnitude! And the value of a real experience is invaluable! This is the special feeling that this sugar can give you and your guests. After all, candy sugar is not just a demanding and elegant sweetener! Candy sugar gives you a momentary experience of luxury and serenity. Need more?

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What is rock candy?

Rock candy, also known as icing sugar, consists of large crystals, that at least 5 millimeters long, prepared by cooling and slowly crystalizing methods. Rock candy is made with a special handicraft technique to ensure the first-class quality of the products. The finished rock candy is fixed on a long wooden stick, so consuming it alongside hot drinks is not only practical, but also extremely elegant.


Why do we recommend rock candy?

– Because it is an elegant and practical accessory to coffees and teas.

– Because it raises the standard and level of cafes, confectioneries and restaurants.

“Because it makes the moment of coffee an experience.”

“Because it can be a real gem as a gift.”

– Because tea and coffee specialties are accompanied by a special sweetener!

– Because it raises the standard of weddings, events, birthday events.

– Because they are perfect for lemonade, coffee and tea specialties to highlight the exciting and varied world of flavors and spectacles

– Because a gourmet dinner can’t go without quality coffee, which requires a quality sweetener.


Material composition of the product per kg:

– Sucrose: minimum brown – 962 g, white – 997 g. Brown:

– Of a content of less than 2% in the finished product:

* (E150a) Caramel: maximum: 1g

* (In accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of Annex 1-2-94 / 36

– In the case of brown rock candy sticks, the coloring of the crystallized sugar is filled exclusively with natural caramel


Other exclusively natural food colors:

E150a, E120, E131, E163, E100, E160a, E141, Spirulina blue

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The product does not contain allergenic ingredients!

Average nutritional value in 100 g of product

White and colorful products/100 g/3,5 g
Calorie399 Kcal/1686 kJ14 Kcal/59kJ
Carbohydrate99,7 g3,49
 – of which sugars99,7 g3,49
 – of which saturated fatty acids


Brown products/100 g/3,5 g
Calorie397 Kcal/1686 kJ14 Kcal/59kJ
Carbohydrate96,2 g3,37
 – of which sugars96,2 g3,37
 – of which saturated fatty acids

Additional information

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Dimensions4 × 9,5 × 11 cm