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If you are a sweet tooth, like most of us, then you are familiar with the traditional sweetening options, like sugar or the sweetener tablets. We use them every single day to make drinks and foods more delicious, and probably not really think too much about the alternative ways we can add sugar to our favorites.

But here’s the thing. The world would be a really boring place if there weren’t way more fun or elegant methods to sweeten your tea or coffee! Did you hear about rock candy sticks before? Let’s dive into the secrets of this simple but wonderful thing, that could make your everyday life a little bit better!

Rock candy, or sugar candy is made from a supersaturated solution of sugar and water. The secret is hot water and a lot of patience – when the mixture cools down after a couple of days large sugar crystals start to form. This is how the beautiful rock candy shapes appear on the sticks, and it goes without saying, we can add some exciting color variations to that!

This confection origins from Iran and India, and the making process were already documented in the first half of the 9th century by muslim writers. For centuries sugar candy has even been treated as medicine! There is no doubt it is an important part of our everyday life, and now you can also use it to make the simple things better.

Do you drink tea or coffee? Want to make your lemonade or party drink a bit more elegant? Rock candy is the perfect choice.

It is the perfect time to try out this amazing sweetener option – in our webshop you can find more types of rock candy packaging. If you want only 10, or 100 of them, it doesn’t matter. Make your first step to sweeten your life in the most unique way, and check out our magical rock candy sticks now!


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