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We have been manufacturing rock candies for many years now, and I have to say we are huge fans of them. And like all people, we have our favorites.

We like coffee and we drink it every day. Without it we would be just mindless zombies, trying to survive in an office. But coffee itself is not enough to make the day unique. So there comes our favorite candy: Brown Rock Candy stick. I prefer the long edition, but some of my colleagues loves the smaller ones, for they look cute in the cup. 

Brown Rock Candy

Brown Rock Candy

There are occasions when we don’t drink coffee, like after the 3rd cup we are full of caffeine so we have to look for something else. Usually we have a tea, and with that we can also enjoy the magnificence of the rock candies. For the hot fruity drink, we usually use colorful sticks in long or short edition, depends on our mood.

For the most part, rock candy is our first choice. However there are some times when we desire something else, like sugar, but not the cubed one. There is a solution for that too: shaped sugar!


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